Our Services

Suspension up grades to suit your towing needs
Including air bag kits
Full suspension upgrades
Rear spring pack reworks
Resulting in safter towing
Road safe products
Post GVM upgrades
if vehicle is suitable
Safe T stop authorised testing station
Check for excessive tyre wear
Before it occurs
Check for excessive drag
To reduce fuel costs
Check for dangerous brake imbalances
To ensure optimal stopping performances
Check your shock absorbers performance
To ensure maximum handling
Check every corner, axle and total weights
Overloaded vehicles are dangerous
Electric brake controllers
Controlling the electric brakes in your caravan or trailer for safer towing.
Front and rear facing dash cameras
With crash, carpark, parking modes all included. Helps in the event with your insurance company
Caravan rear view cameras fully wired from caravan to car installs
Range of options for all your communications UHF systems
Hand held, in car options
Telstra and optus cellar WIFI to go units
Adding in better coverage
Towing mirrors
Black ,chrome, manual or electric and some models with cameras are available
Roof rack systems
Too many to choose, from single bars to flatform racks and everything in between
Full Pirate Camp Co Range
Battery Systems and Chargers
Dual battery systems, dc dc chargers, Anderson plugs for caravan fridge power, caravan stability control power, solar input just to name a few.
Winches to help get you out of that sticky situation
Recovery gear
Hulk 4×4 gear
Full lighting systems
Need Something Else?
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